Monday, January 2, 2012


It's 2nd January 2012, A Monday. And since 1st falls on a Sunday, today is PH. This is a blog that i just created without much thinking into it. It's going to be a journal towards achieving my Ideal Weight... it's one of my New Year resolutions. (besides jadi insan yang lebih baik..ha..ha..)
Ok...let's face it. I was very active - in sport - during school and I never had any issue (before) with staying slim and healthy. I was very very thankful (and lucky) for that. I had a great 'younger years' of eating...It was heaven. I continued to enjoy it until my mid 30s when suddenly I realised that the 'food' just cling to my body...only it transformed into 'fat' and 'muffin top'...
When I started to watch my food intake...most people...friends...are saying...." la...u ok apa. Tak adalah gemuk".
Yes...i am not obese...yet. Infact, since Malaysia has too many of obese people (sorry, statistic I tak tahu)...I still looks very very normal.
Oh ya...what is my weight...and height...I am around 65-66kg....and 155cm - 157cm tall. Always had my height taken not accurate...nevermind ...i dont have any issue being assumed 2cm taller or shorter. And that combination gives me an unhealthy BMI. What is BMI..what is the healthy and sendiri ok.
I actually started the quest to achieve my ideal weight sometime in May 2010. And I failed (not miserably). I was good in the beginning, I started to eat healthy, exercising....then...i stray from the path. I get back on it....I stay on the path...and I know the story..... is my FIRST day....and let's see where I be 6 months from now...and I really hope by doing this together we can help one another.....

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