Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It Starts Now

Kind of (kononnya la..) busy today.  Just a quick note to keep my journal momentum. Also to keep my mind from thinking about....opps...cant say..since I am not going to think about it. So...not suppose to even say it right. You know how our mind always wander to areas where we say DONT.

Lunch...was a bit difficult. Tried to keep my carbo intake low.  Though there's Subway near my office..that still high in carbo.  Unfortunately, terbabas..make an 'idiot' choice.  Ada ke patut...aku pegi makan MCD fried chicken. Kononnya...chicken is protein. Then..balun fries. Fail fail fail !!!!

The good part, I managed to drink about 3 litres of plain water. It does feel good except I am the frequent toilet visitor for the day.

Dinner...no rice. A big achievement for me. All this while, I cannot say NO to rice - dinnertime.

Manage to drag myself to exercise on my crosstrainer. 15 minutes only....semput. Not that bad huh...
We see how I do tomorrow....

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